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Parking Management Consulting: Revenue & Expense Control

  • Financial statements, operating and expense budgets, pro-formas,
  • Billing systems for monthly and validation accounts
  • Microsoft Access database reporting (payroll, income, expenses, vehicles)
  • Statistics by hour, by week, by parking gate, by lane, by validation account, and any number of other critical factors; data mining of parking data to improve sales and adjust rates to maximize revenues, especially during periods of peak demand
  • Variable voltage control devices in decks to save energy costs
  • Solar year considerations to save on lighting costs


  • Miller Parking Services, LLC
  • 31300 Bingham Road
  • Bingham Farms, MI 48025-4338
  • (248) 798-3920
  • (248) 282-8613 FAX
  • info@millerparking.com