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Parking Facility Security Consulting

  • Lighting levels throughout (white ceilings)
  • Video surveillance with CCTV cameras at strategic points or on whole floors; digital video recording (DVR) of all “significant” events using smart cameras that can detect motion in a specific area or in a specific direction
  • Panic buttons & 2-way communication on each floor and at each gate and inside each elevator
  • Security stations throughout the facility for patrols to visit during their rounds
  • Patrol vehicles with flashing lights
  • Audio communications between ticket machines, elevators, and managers office; walkie-talkies for employees
  • Rolling steel gates and other positive barriers and screens
  • Patrol methodology (bikes, walking, horses, vehicles)
  • Incident reports for customer / patron / employee safety and premises liability


  • Miller Parking Services, LLC
  • 31300 Bingham Road
  • Bingham Farms, MI 48025-4338
  • (248) 798-3920
  • (248) 282-8613 FAX
  • info@millerparking.com