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Parking Deck Layout & Analysis

We are experienced in all phases of garage construction and financing and can help develop future decks or lots, as they are needed. We make it our business to stay abreast on national and international developments in parking.  We stay current with today’s technology, including optical character recognition, pay on foot, credit cards and debit cards, which may eventually replace the need for cash or parking tickets. We can help you with the following:

•   Entrance/Exit Locations, Lane Layouts
•    Parking Equipment Procurement
•    Tickets, Credit Cards, Pre-Cashiering, Pay-In-Lane, Pay by Space
•    License Plate Recognition
•    Monthly Access & Revenue Control
•    Transient vs. Monthly Usage
•    Traffic Circulation within Facility
•    Parking Space Layouts; Numbering of Stalls
•    Shuttle Vehicle Operations
•    Provision for Future: Space Downsizing, Electric Vehicles
•    Pedestrian Circulation; Patterns; Locations of Walkways
•    Structural Durability; Resistance to Deicing Salts
•    Lighting and Electrical; Location & Intensity of Lights
•    Light Switching Sequence, Timers, Clean Power for Computers
•    Drainage; Location, Sloping Surface, Sanitary/Storm
•    Manager’s Office and Booth Design
•    Graphic Design; Pedestrian Wayfinding, Location, Wording
•    Security Considerations; Architectural, Audio & Video Surveillance, Glass, Mirrors


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