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Parking Configuration & Traffic Pattern Consulting

  • Convenience to destinations
  • Entrance/Exit Locations
  • Amount of parking to be supplied – Now/Future
  • Self-Park and valet operations
  • Footprint of deck/lot in relation to site; how many levels?
  • Standard/Small car ratios; provision for future electric vehicles
  • Adjacent street traffic volumes & direction
  • Stairs, elevators & pedestrian walkways
  • Ability of streets to absorb traffic esp. during special events
  • Visibility from streets; garage aesthetics; signage
  • Clear span construction for visibility and security (no hiding places)
  • Elastomeric sealants and waterproof membranes
  • Glass enclosed stairwells and elevators
  • Signs & Graphics for vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding
  • Traffic flow within the deck, aisle width, lane configuration, driveways, minimize waiting time within the structure
  • Parking stall geometry and striping to maximize space efficiency
  • Parking equipment procurement and maintenance considerations (gates, ticket machines, card access controls, cash registers, loops, detectors, space-counters, signs)
  • High density concrete, epoxy coated re-bar to inhibit spalls
  • Slope and drainage on all floors; water supply for cleaning
  • Exposed electrical conduits


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