Miller Parking Services roots are deep.  Since 1933 we have owned and operated over 300 parking facilities in Detroit and Chicago.  In the early 1900’s, Jim Miller’s relatives parked and serviced horse-drawn carriages in downtown Detroit.  During our 80+ years in the business of owning and operating parking, we serviced a diverse mix of private and public owners.  We managed self-park and valet operations at major office buildings, residential properties, commercial properties, health care facilities, shopping centers, municipalities, retail properties, sports and special event complexes, and hotels.

Over the years, parking technology significantly affected the parking industry.  Miller Parking kept pace throughout.  We went from “cigar box” parking operations, to cashier-less credit card transactions; from paper parking tickets to credit card and RFID in/out access.  We went from punching holes into paper tickets to signify for license plate numbers, to video license plate recognition.  Jim Miller has pretty much “seen it all” and can now consult with modern parking owners and operators on how to improve parking service, efficiency, and profitability at any given venue.


History & Executive Profiles

James Miller’s grandfather, Nathan V. Miller, b. 1899,  worked in Detroit for a company called Service Parking Grounds; While working for that company, Nathan Miller founded his own company in Illinois known as Chicago Service Parking Company. Nathan and his son, Bruce, continued to work for both companies until 1961, when they formed Miller Parking Company. In 1999 this company became Miller Parking Company, LLC. James N. Miller, Bruce Miller’s son, established Miller Valet Parking Company in 1994. Miller Parking Services, LLC was formed in 2009 to take over all of Miller Parking Company’s operations.

We’ve been a family-owned and operated business since the very beginning, and feel that our direct involvement and hands-on management style is the only way to run a successful operation.

James N. Miller-President
James Miller was born in Detroit in 1953. He received his bachelor’s degree with distinction in economics from the University of Michigan in 1975. Mr. Miller graduated Wayne State University Law School in 1978 and is a current member of the Michigan Bar as well as a licensed real estate broker. He has participated in the development of numerous parking lots and garages in and around downtown Mr. Miller personally keeps abreast of all parking operations, is a member of the Michigan Parking Association (MPA), and a board member of the National Parking Association (NPA).


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